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Sam has been helping people to communicate since 2008. Sam trains, coaches and mentors by applying her BA(Hons) in Business Management, sharing her knowledge gained in nearly 7 years of public speaking in Toastmasters International and drawing on her 20 years experience working for various companies in different roles.

She uses her broad knowledge to help a variety of people from different backgrounds and is also known for her communication and behaviours translation work with Autistic adults and their friends and families.

Sam undertakes soft skills training sessions with both individuals and groups or teams and has a wealth of experience in this field.  She also coaches success-minded individuals who want to make positive and lasting changes to their lives.  Something special she offers is her accountability service.

Her clients include high-flying execs, school children, charities, corporates and entrepreneurs; anyone who wants to make personal improvements.

Lately Sam has been teaching children at several local schools how to speak in public, continues to undertake her own personal development and is writing a book on how to help those without Autism live and work with those who have.

Sam's also helping several entrepreneurs to get their message across on video and shake off those fears for good.  She has her own blog and regularly guest blogs for other professionals on cross-over topics.

Member of the National Autistic Society

Member of the Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) Society

Winner of AI Global Excellence Awards - 2017 

Best for Spoken Communication 2017 - UK


Winner of the AI 2017 Influential Businesswomen Awards

Most Inspirational Business Woman 2017 - UK

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