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Embracing Change

Sam Warner - Get Your Message Across - Embracing Change

I’m someone who knows that change can be both scary and good.  I’m sure you also know this too.  But did you know that we can choose how we feel about change?  Managing your own feelings about any situation gives you the ultimate control over how you are able to tackle changes in life.... Read More

Are you really listening?

Are You Really Listening?

I've learned a lot of useful stuff over the last few years. I used to dominate the conversation, I would interrupt because I was desperate to say what came into my head before I forgot, I used to talk too much and I would forget to ask people questions and wait to really listen to their answers..... Read More.

Face Books Ads – Getting them right first time!

Facebook Ads - Getting them right first time!Getting Facebook Ads right first time can be tricky.  I kept getting them rejected because of various reasons, not always well explained e.g. too many words on my photo. There are some strict rules that need to be adhered to to ensure your Ad will be approved quickly especially if you send the prospective customer to a lead page... Read More

Asperger's (& ASD) Information and Coping Strategies

Asperger's Tips for Coping with Life #2

Coping with LifeRemember that your perception of the world is a little different, it just means that your brain works differently. Not everyone works in black and white (all or nothing) most work in greys so it can be harder for them to empathise and understand if you appear to be obsessed or single-minded about something.....Read More

Asperger's Tips for Coping with Life #1

There are things in life that are rarely taught or talked about and for neurotypicals people it seems they were just born with this knowledge. For those on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD) becoming self aware, acquiring coping mechanisms and giving yourself thinking time to cope with situations that may arise means you can be less confused and feel more confident..... Read More

Too Much! Asperger's Sensory Overload

Sensory Overload

Having discovered that I'm an Aspie late in life (I'm 43 and found out about 6 years ago) I didn't know that most of the other people around me were not experiencing sensory overload in the same way as I was....Read More

Airport meltdown!

Airport Meltdown - Get Your Message Across

Imagine the scene, if you will, where a woman in her 40s (me) is bawling her eyes out at the closed gate in an airport, having just missed their flight to their honeymoon.  Good job he's a caring and patient man! .... Read More

One Task at a time

Get Your Message Across - One Task at a TimeWhich task do you want me to do first?

In the interests of a harmonious household, and ensuring our relationship had a future I had to do some adjustments to my own expectations of what my husband was capable of and how we could work together..... Read More.

10 things Employers can do to help make an ASD employee’s life more comfortable at work (and therefore get the most from them, including loyalty and productivity.) 

10 things employers can do to help make an ASD employee's life more comfortable at work

This blog hopes to go someway to helping employers tounderstand some things they could do to improve the working environment for some one with ASD and get the very best out of a happy, comfortable and productive employee.... Read more.

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