Getting Your Message Across - 30 Day Bootcamp

Or how to feel great about clarifying your message so you can REALLY speak to your prospective customers/tribe clearly

You've got an awesome message to share but for some reason it's just not landing.

You have been working at your business for some time now but it's just not bringing in the money you hoped it would.

You cast your net wide but can't seem to connect with your perfect customer.

You need help to refine your words and call in your tribe, your customers and help more people than ever you thought you could.

Well, I can give you all this and more. In my free 30 Day Bootcamp I'll teach you how to craft your message, be really clear about what you are offering and to whom.

The program covers three key areas - clarification, preparation, delivery


1. Who are you?

2. What do you do?

3. What problem do you solve?

4. Why do you do what you do?

5. Who have you worked with?

6. What stories do you have?

7. What has already worked well?

8. Who do you want to work with?

9. Who are your ideal clients?

10.Short Summary

11.Choice of words

12.Small Talk









21.Marketing Campaign

22.Planning a series

23.You Tube

24.Facebook Live



27.Consistency & Discipline

28.Presentations & Speeches



To join the FREE 30 Day Bootcamp you simply click on the "join" button for the private Facebook group.  We start on Monday 19 June 8pm (London time). 

There will be daily Facebook live sessions, plus extra Q&A so you can work through the free content.  If you miss a day, it will still b there in the group for you to work through and catch up.

Why am I doing this I hear you ask? 

Well I feel that there's lots of people on Facebook who want to just exploit  other people who want to improve their business.  They charge thousands of pounds for unrealistic or downright wrong advice and guidance.  Or worse the depth of content just isn't there.

I like to help others with my knowledge and experience and if you enjoy working with me over the 30 days, you'll get to know me, get to trust me and find out how I can help you in more depth in the future.

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