Nail your 60 second pitch.

Are you fed up of going to network meetings and coming away with zero customers?

Do you dread that moment when you are in a networking meeting and the host announces it's time for the 60 second pitches?  

Do you feel your heart racing? 

Clammy hands perhaps? 

Dry throat? 

Head spinning or worse, blank? 

GYMA - ^0 Second workshopAs the creeping death moves around the room you feel like it's going too slow and too fast at the same time. You can barely listen to the other people going before you because you can't remember your own name or what you do! 

You stand up and blurt out your name and business followed by a few sentences about what you do, but it's sort-of everything that you do, and you don't want to get asked to sit down, but you want to tell the people who are listening everything!  

Finally you're done - you sit down, you can hear your heart pounding in your ears, you run through in your head what you said, missing the next few speakers and finally calming down to hear the last three 60 second pitches, and they are doing the same thing.

The others that you heard in the room - did you notice that most of them are rushed? Speaking very quickly, and not giving you time to absorb what they said? 

How do you know if you want to work with them? 

How do you know what problems of yours they can solve? 

How would you know how to connect with them?  

Did they even round off their pitch with their name and company name again so you can write them down now that you know (sort-of) what they do and you might want to engage with them or refer them to someone else? No? 

Did you?

GYMA - ^0 Second workshopI bet you pay anything between £5-£20 to attend these networking meetings each time and you probably belong to more than one group but you are not seeing a return on your investment.

You're sick of wondering what to say in your pitch. Aren't you?

Maybe you've written something down but it doesn't say much.

Perhaps you've not had a lot of experience in speaking in front others.

How can you tell other people what you do in just 60 seconds?

It's time to nail your 60 second pitch, isn't it?

I've been getting consistent results at every networking meeting, (new or old) where I get a minimum of two clients every time for the past year.  Usually there is a queue of people waiting to book sessions in with me.

I would be pleased to share with you my 5 step framework that will pretty much guarantee you will have potential clients approach you at networking meetings.

I do often give away some free training, but, you know, I feel this one is a great stand alone session and has a value.  The great thing too, is that if, for some reason, you can't make the time that I am online, you can watch it later on, at a time convenient to you, as many times as you like.

GYMA - ^0 Second workshopI'm a bit tired of the free training webinars that tell you very little followed by 30 minutes of hard sell, so there won't be any selling in this training session.

I'm delivering this in a FaceBook Live session in a private group and charging £29 per head for it via PayPal.  I usually charge £90 for a training session, so it is a huge bargain, but as it's a group session rather than one-to-one I thought it would be more appropriate to do it at a reduced price.

There really will be no selling at the end, or telling you half of the training and you have to buy the other half.  It's simply a one-off training session.

It's going to be a one hour session on Sat 10 June 8pm (London) (with an overview, the framework training and then a recap followed by Questions and Answers up to a 90 min maximum).

Attendees will have life-time access to the group so they can go through the training multiple times if they wish.  You'll be left with a feeling of a bespoke training session where you have perfected your 60 second pitch for every occasion (even for multiple products or services).

GYMA - ^0 Second workshopI have loads of Testimonials from clients who have enjoyed increased customer interest in networking meetings. Some of them have more work than they can handle now!

It really is, time to nail your 60 second pitch, isn't it?

Just say "I'm in!"

Now you've made your mind up - insert your email address below and tell me your Facebook name and PayPal name so I can send you the link to the private group and accept you right away.  Then click on the BUY NOW button to pay £29 by PayPal. 

On receipt of payment you'll get access to the group.

A bit about me:

GYMA - ^0 Second workshopI'm 44, married and live in Shropshire, UK. I've over 20 years experience in the corporate world in various roles, I am a freelance trainer, coach and speaker and specialise in Communications. I am a professional speaker with over 7 years experience in that field.  

I am a member of Toastmasters International and have enjoyed various leadership positions such as District Administration Manager (All of Ireland and all of UK north of London, not including Wales), plus Area Director. I'm a Youth Leadership Program Ambassador an Co-ordinator delivering 10-part communications training programs to multiple schools in the local area.  My 7th one starts in September. I deliver pro-bono training/workshops/drop in sessions for local charities too.

You can take a look on my website for testimonials and associates. 

By attending this training session you will be able to feel confident, assured and clear about what you are saying.  You will stand out for all the right reasons.  

People will really sit up and take notice when you make the changes in the 5 step plan to change the way you communicate your business.

Isn't it time to nail your 60 second pitch?

You CAN have a good return on investment and you CAN feel different about your 60 second pitch.  You probably feel that it would be much easier to talk about someone else in your pitch instead of yourself as traditionally we are not very good at showing off what we are good at.  

Women especially have been encouraged to be modest and humble.  I see that the lack of a framework means a muddled message that sounds more like a back story and testimonial than a chance to sell.

GYMA - ^0 Second workshopBy the end for the training you will no longer fear selling yourself or your goods or services. You will have more than one 60 second pitch you can use on your business and you'll know how to create more, easily and quickly.

It's the best £29 you'll spend on this subject.

So, it's time to nail every single 60 second pitch. 

Put it in your diary now: Saturday 10 June 8pm (London)

Now you've made your mind up - insert your email address below and tell me your Facebook name and PayPal name so I can send you the link to the private group and accept you right away.  Then click on the BUY NOW button to pay £29 by PayPal. 

On receipt of payment you'll get access to the group.

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